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Cognitive Care

A comprehensive approach that combines cognitive assessments and therapy. Through personalized assessments, we gain valuable insights into cognitive functioning, enabling us to develop tailored treatment plans, empowering individuals to optimize their cognitive health and enhance their overall well-being.

Remote Patient Monitoring

Through our remote patient monitoring service, we utilize advanced technology to remotely collect and monitor vital health data in real-time, enabling proactive management, personalized care, and improved patient outcomes from the comfort of home.


Offers convenient and secure virtual access to our expert clinicians, allowing individuals to receive cognitive assessments, therapy, and ongoing remote patient monitoring from the comfort of their own homes. With our advanced telehealth technology, we ensure that high-quality care is accessible, timely, and personalized.

Advanced Wound Care

We offer comprehensive wound assessments, personalized treatment plans, cutting-edge biologics like amniotic allografts, patient-focused care, a highly trained team, and mobile services for enhanced convenience and compassionate treatment.

Please use the link below to submit a wound referral request: https://neuvora.com/wound-care or email woundcare@htshealth.com for questions.

Neuvora Telemedicine Platform

Neuvora Telemed is the exclusive telemedicine platform for HTS, designed to bring expert cognitive and monitoring services to our patients. We are proud to offer professional web-based neuropsychological testing with CogniFit, the world's leading cognitive testing platform.

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We are a telemedicine practice specializing in cognitive assessments and therapy, providing convenient and confidential remote services to individuals seeking comprehensive mental health care.